Man Allegedly Shoots Down Neighbor’s Drone with Shotgun

By Eric A. Diaz
Last week, Russell J. Percenti  was arrested for allegedly firing a shotgun and hitting a remote “helicopter” that was flying near his home. According to the owner of the drone, he was using it to capture photographs of a home that was under construction. While he was flying his drone he heard several gunshots and lost control of it.

When the owner recovered his drone he realized that there were holes in the device and guessed that it was likely the result of the the fired shotgun. He then called the local police department and they conducted a investigation. The drone owner directed the police to the origin of the shots. The police officers went to the home of Percenti and questioned him. They found out that the shotgun was used in the drone attack. Upon discovery of the shotgun, Percenti was placed under arrest and charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and criminal mischief. In addition the firearm was also taken away and used as evidence.

The bail was set at $2,500 by a local judge in addition to the criminal charges. Percenti is also subject to possible financial compensation charges for the drone. Depending on the model of the camera on the drone Percenti could be responsible for thousands of dollars.

Source: Fox News

Poetry: Fragile

By Cheyenne Whitecotton

I don’t think anyone can really recover from a heartbreak,
I think they kinda just move on.
I think hearts are like glass and over time they’ll crack,
until the point where they’ve had enough,
and just shatter.
And when your heart breaks,
I hope you’re in the arms of someone who’s been there from the start,
the person whom you’ve cried a thousand tears to,
the person who’s made you smile everyday since you met,
the only person who’s never put a crack in your fragile heart.

CC Lions take on CV Arabs

By Rebecca Wenger


Photo By Rebecca Wenger


Photo By Rebecca Wenger

On Friday, September 25th, the Lions football team took on the Coachella Valley Arabs for their first DVL game of the 2014 season. Both teams fought hard, but of course, the Lions won with a score of 68-55.

The game was intense and filled with excitement. Although the score was close, the Lions stepped it up to achieve victory.

“Offensively we did what we had to do, line blocked, running backs ran up the holes and got the yards we needed, Orlando Wallace did his thing and we are all proud of him. We just have to keep that fire burning,” says team captain, Adrian Trujillo. “Defensively we had good moments but we have things we need to work on, I’m proud of my team, and we’re going to come out and play even harder against Xavier Prep next week.”

Let’s keep up the hard work! Go support your football team this Friday, October 3rd at Xavier Prep!

Our own DATA teacher, Mr. Buck, created a film about the game the other night. Check it out!


Quote of the Week

By Sierra Foster

“Truth is, I’ll never know all there is to know about you as you will never know all there is to know about me. Humans are by nature too complicated to be understood fully. So, we can choose either to approach our fellow human beings with suspicion or to approach them with an open mind, a dash of optimism and a great deal of candour.”

—Tom Hanks

What Tom Hanks is portraying in this quote, is no one has come to their full potential just yet. I chose this quote to let the readers know they have a lot more in store for them than they think. So I decided to ask some more students what this quote meant to them. Their responses were ranging from acceptance to understanding.

Jacky Diaz, 9th grade: “I believe it means to accept who you are.”

Manuel Aramburo, 9th grade: “I believe you’ll never fully understand yourself.”

Melissa Rogers, 11th grade: “I believe that humans will never understand what the human mind and body wants.”

I believe this quote means that no one will ever know themselves or their friends fully. Everyone has something to hide, and no one will truly understand what they are capable of achieving. For high school students, this should reassure them that their full academic and creative personalities have yet to show themselves. So after reading this, I would like you to keep in mind to stay yourself and just whatever creative ideas come to mind, just pursue them. Because you never know when an idea will bring you something new.

Media Monday: Orphan Black

By Denys Loaiza & Yolanda Cortez

Orphan Black is a series set in the North Eastern part of the United States. The series follows Sarah Manning as she witnesses the suicide of Elizabeth Childs, who looks exactly like her. Manning then decides to take the place of Childs to figure out how they are related. Manning soon figures out that Childs is a clone of her, and that Childs is not the only one. Manning forged an alliance with fellow clones, Alison Hendrix and Cosima Niehaus, and together they fight for their freedom and for the safety of their loved ones.

Manning immediately sets off fighting for survival and is willing to risk everything to keep her daughter, Kira, safe. Unsure who to trust, Sarah and her clones start an all out war against immense forces, known as Dyad. While facing the group, Manning finds another clone, Rachel Duncan, who is helping Dyad keep tabs on all other clones. Rachel has been given the task of negotiating for an alliance with Sarah and the other clones.

Tatiana Maslany plays all eight of the clones that appear in the series. Many of the scenes have more than one clone present and the editing put into making this is done very well and is very realistic. For us, it’s impossible to see how it’s put together. The only scene that appeared very edited was one where all of the clones were seen dancing together. In my opinion, the scene looked rather odd.

The plot line is filled with suspense and is very exciting to watch. The acting in the show is also amazing and believable. The next season of the show will be back in the Spring of 2015.

Is Going Outside Fatal for Your Kids?

By Sebastian Gomez

A startling study has indicated that 100% of all kids that are let outside and have lives have or will die in the future. “Yes, 100% of kids let outside will die in the future,” said a scientist whose name we could not bother to get. We interviewed a local man named Rob Johnson who has never seen the light of day about this. “Yep, still not dead,” he said, “Hitler? Went outside. MLK went outside. Stalin went outside. FDR went outside. Gandhi went outside. Jesus went outside. Where are they now? Dead. Look at me. Never went outside, not dead.” Johnson died later this week of unrelated heart problems.

“Oh my god, really?” a local mother exclaimed, grabbing her bubble wrapped, shin guard protected son, and shielding him from the sun. “MY LITTLE JIMMY EXPOSED TO THE CAUSE OF ALL DEATH?,” she screamed out in public. “Why hasn’t the government done anything,” asked a local porch dweller. “The only plausible course of action is to declare war on the sun,” local man, “Crazy-Eyed” Jim stated. He went on to say, “The sun has gone and killed American citizens on American soil, and we consider that an act of terrorism and thus an act of war, we will not stand for it.” (Update: “Crazy-Eyed” Jim has raised a local militia and declared war on the sun. “We will find you,” he said, “and we will kill you.”)

Some residents, however, have different opinions, like local lunatic John Haberson. “I believe that we must first analyze the facts before making conclusions,” he said in a crazed state. “I mean everyone dies someday, including those who don’t go outside. I don’t think it’s right to have a huge ‘scare’ based on irrational behavior, I don’t believe that going outside and having not having a life is fatal.”

What do we believe here in the station? We believe that it is our duty to serve the truth and protect our loyal readers. Thank you readers, for staying with us.

(This story is not true)

Interesting People of CCHS: Jean Cedano

By Jessie Villarreal, Derrick Serrano & Brigette Salinas

Cathedral City High School is a melting pot of ethnicities, personalities, talents and dreams. We wish to unite our school by examining the many interesting people that enrich our community.

Jean Cedano: “The Artist”

Jean Cedano, an aspiring artist, discusses his passion for art and his future goals in order to achieve his dream. He discovered his talent unbeknownst to him, and his discovery became a way of escaping the real world and expressing his unique emotion and personality. Jean plans to study in Europe to learn more aspects of art.

Interesting People of CC: Jean Cedano


Lady Lions Take on the Yucca Valley Trojans

By: Janet Mosqueda

On September 19, 2014 the Lady Lions Volleyball team played against the Yucca Valley Trojans. It was an intense match, where both teams played their hearts out on the court!

The crowd’s pride was more apparent than ever. Although we did not win, that did not stop the Lions fans for cheering and supporting for the teams.

“I think the whole team could have been more supportive to each other and just talk more to try and lift each other up when we made mistakes,” said Rio Chacon. “Communicating and supporting each other would have helped.”

Make sure to go support and cheer on your girls varsity volleyball team tonight, September 23, 2014, as they take on the Indio Rajahs.

Good luck Lady Lions!

Poetry: Time & Different

By Vivianna Ramos

Time is ticking
God is picking
We all have our own route
But we don’t know what it’s about

They say enjoy life when you’re young
Let the dull world grow among
Not all have luck
Some are stuck
Stuck in time
As if they pressed rewind

Why is time a thing?
What does it bring?
“TIme is of the essence”
Life did once teach me the most horrid of lessons
It led me in the wrong directions

Do you ever feel like time is going slow?
And you’re ready to grow
It starts to move fast
And time has passed

By Cheyenne Whitecotton

Why are we so scared of being wrong?
We spend so much time looking at our faults, our flaws, and our tragedies that we forget  the reason why we’re here.
So much effort is put into being perfect.
The imperfections make us unique,
make us different from the person next to us.
The imperfections that make us beautiful
are looked down upon.
Why is being different so bad?
We should be making mistakes and falling down,
but learning our lessons and standing back up.
We should be living for ourselves,
living for the moment,
living for the memories
that we will one day look back on and smile at the scrapes and scars we received.
We should forget the things people want us to be
and start being who we want to be.
Stop living for other people’s expectations,
live for your own.
You are who you are, no one else.
Respect that.