Have Your Picture Taken With Santa

Support DATA-SkillsUSA by having your photo taken with Santa! All proceeds will be used to help fund the DATA-SkillsUSA trip to State Championships in April.

When: During lunch on Tuesday12/17, Wednesday 12/18, and Thursday 12/19

Where: Room 704

Price: $4

See Mr. Cauthron in room 704 for more details.

Music Monday: Emblem3 Announced #BandLife 2014 Tour


By Sydney Siva

The reggae band with a pop twist, who came in 4th place on the second season of The X Factor, are back again with another headlining tour that will begin in February 2014. Emblem3 released their debut over the summer and this tour proves that this band is not going anywhere else.

The band is encouraging their fans to go by sending them tweets on Twitter, posting statuses on Facebook, and posting photos on Instagram. According to Emblem3, their fans are in for surprises, one of them rumored to be 2 past members being added to the group again, according Laraine Claire, mother of Emblem3 members Wesley Stromberg and Keaton Stromberg. Emblem3 was a full band with 5 members on their lineup. The lineup was Wesley Stromberg (vocals/guitar), Keaton Stromberg (vocals/bass), Drew Chadwick (vocals/guitar), Kenny Galbraith (drums), and Kyle Miner (saxophone). Because The X Factor required only singers and vocal groups, Galbraith and Miner stayed behind as the Stromberg brothers and Chadwick compete on the show.

Emblem3 member, Drew Chadwick, posted on Instagram, “It is going to be much more than a music tour… There is this whole other ‘thing’ that will be happening and it really is a once in a lifetime thing.”

Wesley Stromberg and Drew Chadwick are currently writing independently for Emblem3’s sophomore album. Due to the popular demand of their fans, they will get back in touch with their reggae and ska roots. Their record company will have no part in the writing process of their upcoming album that has yet to be released.

Tickets for Emblem3’s #BandLife Tour are on sale now.


The History of Friday the 13th


By Sydney Siva

Today is the infamous Friday the 13th, otherwise known as “Bad Luck Day” for a few. Why is this day so reputable to bring bad luck into our daily lives? According to folklorists, there was no written evidence of a Friday the 13th before the 19th century, but superstition around the number 13 dates back to at least 1700 BC.

In the ancient Babylon’s code of Hammurabi, the number 13 is omitted in the list of laws. Also, there is a myth that if 13 people dine together, one will die within a year. Examples of this myth are the Last Supper, when Jesus Christ dined with the 12 Apostles, and a popular Norse myth in which 11 close friends of the god, Odin, dine together only to have the 12-person party crashed by Loki, the god of evil and turmoil.

In 1881, an organization called The Thirteen Club was formed in attempt to improve the reputation of the number 13. The 13 members walked under ladders and spilled salt at the first meeting in attempt to dissuade  negative associations with the number.

Not only 13 is considered a cursed number, the day Friday is also considered unlucky too. There is a theory that Friday is considered an unlucky day because Jesus was crucified on a Friday according to Christian Scripture and tradition. Another states that the superstition of Friday came from The Canterbury Tales published in the 14th century.

The first recorded reference in English of Friday the 13th is in Henry Sutherland Edwards’ 1869 biography of Gioachino Rossini. Edwards writes, “Rossini was surrounded to the last by admiring and affectionate friends; Why Friday the 13th Is Unlucky.”



Fashion Friday: Beanies and Gloves

Photo on 2013-12-13 at 12.00

By Jazmin Ramirez, Brittany Salgado, and Viviana Ramos

Welcome back to Fashion Friday! This week we will be focusing on Beanies and Gloves. Beanies and gloves are a very stylish option to wear with your look of the day. Beanies and gloves are everyone’s favorite thing to wear with the cold weather. They come in different varieties of styles, colors, patterns, etc.

Beanies are a skullcap, often brightly colored, worn mainly by children and by college freshmen, originating as a popular style in the 1940s. Beanies have been popular for 73 years and show no sign of slowing down.

There are three types of beanies:

Cuffless Beanies/Skull Cap

This style of beanie is the simply knit variety that is generally 9 inches from top to bottom. This is the most common type of beanie. Usually they are one size fits most since they are very stretchable. They are also light enough to be worn in more mild weather without getting too hot.

Cuffed Beanies

These are generally around 12 inches long which allows the person to flip them up when worn to create a cuff around the head. They can be pulled down further on the neck and provide more padding around the ears to keep them warmer.

Ear Flap

These beanies have flaps along the sides of them which cover the entire ear and have straps to tie around the chin. Some of these feature the classic puff of the top with snowflake designs on them. They are a staple of an childhood that was spent in the snow.

Gloves is a covering for the hand made with a separate sheath for each finger and for the thumb. Gloves have been around since the 12th century, that’s almost 720 year old. That’s also a long time, don’t you think?

You can find gloves and beanies at any store on your favorite shopping list. From Target to CharlotteRusse and the cheapest ones can be found at Forever 21. The gloves at Forever 21 are $4.80 and the beanies cost between $2.80 to 8.80. They add an extra sassy look to your wardrobe.

Until Next Time…

In Memory of Nelson Mandela

by Gabrielle and Genevieve Knight

imagesSouth Africa’s former President, Nelson Mandela, died at the age of 95 last Thursday on December 5th. He had been suffering from a recurring lung infection and was frequently in the hospital over the last year. Mandela was one of the world’s most influential leaders and will never be forgotten. He will forever be a  universal historical leader that ended South Africa’s brutal history of racism.

Mandela was an anti-apartheid leader who fought to end racism amongst the white minority’s regime that divided his country. His actions landed him in prison in 1963 and was sentenced for 27 years in South Africa’s most brutal prisons. As a black political prisoner, Mandela received fewer privileges and harsher punishments than other inmates.

After serving nearly 3 decades in prison, Mandela was finally released on February 11th, 1990. Mandela continued to fight to end the apartheid and was eventually elected president in april 1994. He improved the living standards of the country’s black population, introduced housing, education, and created economic development. He was also awarded the Noble Peace Prize in 1993.

Throughout Mandela’s struggles to fight for what he believed in and end segregation, he taught others to not seek revenge, but to create peace and reconcile with your enemies. Nelson Mandela will forever be an eternal figure of inspiration in our world’s history and will always be remembered.

Fall Sports Awards Wrap Up

By Donielle Gerrell

On Wednesday evening (12/11), all of the fall athletes were honored at the Annual Fall Sports Awards Night. Athletes worked hard and trained all season while maintaining their school work as well.

Each teams’ grade point average was calculated to find the highest GPA of all fall sports. Girls Tennis achieved the Academic Award with a 3.46 GPA. The athlete with the highest grade point average out of all fall sports was Esmeralda Hic with a 3.9 GPA.

“It was a great season,” said Athletic Director Mr. Todd Diliberto. “Football, Cross Country, and Golf were all highlights of the season.”

Every team has one or more players that makes an impact on the team itself, also known as the “Most Valuable Player.” The coaches spoke about how great the athlete was a player and a person. The MVP awards went to:

Volleyball: Katrina Becerra, Alyssa Carlson, and Sara Lopez

Boys Water Polo: Marco Picasso

Cross Country: Dennis Gonzalez and Daisy Cortes

Football: Orlando Wallace

Girls Golf: Brittany Salgado

Girls Tennis: Paola Lopez

Throwback Thursday: Miley Cyrus

By Santina Ristaino, Viviana Arreola and Alberto Colin



Newly 21 year old, Miley Cyrus has successfully climbed her way to the top over the years. She is an American actress and recording artist, who grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. Throughout her younger years, she held minor roles in Doc and the film Big Fish. It wasn’t until 2006 when Cyrus rose to fame when she landed the lead role as Miley Stewart in the Disney Channel television series of Hannah Montana but that was just the beginning to her superstardom career.

In 2007, she wanted to introduce herself as her own recording artist, aside from Hannah Montana so she decided to put some of her own songs on the second Hannah Montana album, Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus. In 2008, it was the release of her first solo album, Breakout. Since then she has released Can’t Be Tamed (2010) and her newest album Bangerz (2013).

Throughout all her different album releases, she also did some acting. She played different characters in other television series such as, The Suit Life of Zac & Cody, The Replacements, The Emperor’s New School and Two and a Half Men. She was a voice actress for Penny in the animated film Bolt. In 2009, she starred in Hannah Montana: The Movie. Her maturing image progressed in 2010 with the film The Last Song. Since then she has played major roles in LOL and So Undercover.



In the beginning Miley was known as a squeaky clean disney princess but now she has grown out of her shell and developed a more grown up lifestyle. Today, her outrageous behavior has gotten her more noticed by the public eye, not just with her behavior, but with her new sound as well. Miley is making a big comeback with her new album and promoting it by an upcoming tour. With most recently, Miley has been named MTV’s ‘Best Artist of 2013‘ and she’s not stopping there. Miley plans to make 2014 her best year yet.

Wellness Wednesday: Do you have Insomnia?

 By Genevieve and Gabrielle Knight

We all have those moments where we go to bed at night and end up staring at the ceiling for hours, unable to fall asleep. This is normal once or twice a week. However, if this happens to you about three times a week or more, you most likely have a sleeping disorder called insomnia. Experts generally apply the 30-30 rule to detect insomnia: it’s insomnia if it takes you thirty minutes or more to fall asleep, or if you’re awake thirty minutes during the night, at least 3 times a week. Insomnia is a common problem that takes a toll on your health, mood, and the ability to function during the day. If you have insomnia, or have problems sleeping at night, here are a few simple tips that can help.

Sleep on a regular schedule:  Choose a regular bedtime that allows you enough time for a full night’s sleep. A regular sleep schedule can boost your daytime alertness and will help your body adjust to your sleep/wake cycle.

Exercise: Exercise regularly to promote better sleep. Do not exercise three hours before bedtime. (late afternoon is best).

Avoid caffeine: Caffeine is a stimulant and can make sleeping difficult. Stay away from caffeinated beverages including coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolates, and specific medicines that contain caffeine. Alcohol can also disrupt your sleep cycle and does not improve your sleep quality.

Keep your room dark: At night keep your room as dark as possible. When its dark, you body releases melatonin, causing us to feel sleepy. Darkening your room can also help prevent jet lag when traveling.

Go to bed when you feel tired: Don’t stay in bed hoping to fall asleep. When you find yourself staring at the clock waiting for sleep to come, get out of bed and do something relaxing. Such as listening to soothing music or reading. 

Insomnia is the most common sleep complaint among Americans. Not only is it annoying, but it can be frustrating and hard to cure. If you think you have insomnia, talk to your doctor for more information and talk about any symptoms you’re having. 

Boys Soccer Takes the Title

By Donielle Gerrell


Photo By: Lorenzo Pena


Last weekend(12/6-8), the boys soccer team competed in the 29th Annual Hemet High School Boys Varsity Soccer Tournament. Each of the five games challenged every single player.

“We performed well,” said Lorenzo Pena (12). “We all wanted the championship since the very beginning, and everyone on the team worked hard in each and every game.”

The final game was against Temescal Canyon. Edgar Diaz (12), scored the first goal in the game. Eventually, the game came to a tie. Chai Aronold (11) scored the game winning shot that earned the championship!

“We’re off to a good start for DVL,” said Carlos Virgen (12). “I think our team’s confidence went up with this championship and I’m really excited for this season.”

As the player walk around school with their medals, be sure to congratulate them. They made the Lions proud.