Lions Debut

By Donielle Gerrell


Photo by: Donielle Gerrell


Photo by: Donielle Gerrell

On Friday, August 29th, the Lions football team took on the Desert Hot Springs Eagles. Just a couple days before the big game, star quarterback Davin Lile was in a car accident, but was unharmed. The team did not expect an incident like this. Although Lile was in ‘ok’ condition, his doctor recommended that he sit out during this game.

Luckily, Brandon Noll stepped up to the plate to fill in for Davin. The real star of the night was running back Orlando Wallace, who scored five touchdowns, leaving the score 40-0.

“The boys worked hard,” coach Smith said during the first half. “They’re going to do great.”

Although the team did not reach CIF playoffs last football season, the team has their heart set on making history. This win is one of many victories to come.

Want to see the team in action yourself? Watch their next game Friday, September 5th, at Rancho Mirage High School. This team has trained tediously and are sure to overcome this season.

Interested in other sports here at Cathedral City High School? Stay up to date on our school athletic page:

Will the Lions Make History?

By Donielle Gerrell

Photo By Donielle Gerrell

Photo By Donielle Gerrell


Photo By Donielle Gerrell


Photo By Donielle Gerrell


During the 2013-2014 football season, the Lions were on a roll. With only two losses, many believed the team was going to advance to California Interscholastic Federation(CIF) playoffs. The community roared for the team will pride. To think, the team did not perform this well in ten years, was incredible!


Unfortunately, the team did not advance. A social networking uproar began. People were tweeting from all over the Coachella Valley were disgusted in the final decisions. Many have said that the Cathedral City Football team is going to come back even stronger.

The question is, will the Lions make history?

I attended the scrimmage between Beaumont High School, Rancho Mirage High School, and of course, Cathedral City High School. As the game the went on, it was unclear to tell you how well the team was performing. What I can tell you is that the team has been working countless hours to improve their strength and abilities to have successful games this season.

Fortunately, this Friday, August 29th, is our very first home football game against Desert Hot Springs High School. The game starts at seven o’clock in the CCHS Stadium. Prices will soon be released. I hope you will be the judge of the Lions debut.

Letter From The Editor

By Donielle Gerrell

Welcome back Lions! We had a wonderful summer break and it is time for the 2014-2015 students to hit the halls. A big welcome to Class of 2018! High school will be great, but even better now that you are here at Cathedral City High School. As for everyone else, lets have a great year filled with excitement and pride.

If you are new to CCNews, I’ll give you a little history lesson. About four years ago, the Digital Arts Technology Academy created this very app in partnership with The Desert Sun. CCNews was the first school app from the whole country. Since then, DATA juniors and seniors have put in countless hours to create new and interesting content for the app.

In the past, CCNews has been a great resource, but I want to make it amazing! I plan to include all of the great stories users have come to know, but we will also be adding new segments. We will provide you with news stories, sports updates, fashion tips, and more! You should also get ready for season 2 of the web show “Behind the Blue,” which will premiere in a few weeks.

I hope CCNews interests you and allows you to have an insight from the students’ perspective. Don’t forget to tell your friends about the new and improved CCNews App.


Donielle Gerrell

DATA Junior Earns Trip to Ford Leadership Conference

DATA Junior Donielle Gerrell will be heading to Louisville Kentucky this October as part of the Ford Next Generation Learning Conference. The Ford NGL provides community leaders and selected students the opportunity to transform their communities through collaboration, planning, and engaging in constructive dialogue.

As part of the application process, Gerrell created and submitted a short video piece explaining how the Digital Arts Technology Academy builds leadership skills in its students.

Ford NGL Application Video

The 2014 Ford NGL Conference will take place from October 7th through October 9th. Visit for more information.

MESA Ventures to Google Campus

By Sydney Siva

Admit it. At one point in our high school career, we have used Google to solve all of our problems, whether it be writing an essay at the last minute, solving that one difficult math question, or figuring out what kind of illness you have.

On Friday May 23, Cathedral City High School’s Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement program, otherwise known as MESA, took a field trip to Los Angeles, California to explore the famous Google campus, which is part the corporate headquarters complex of Google, Inc in Mountain View, California. MESA students had the opportunity to take a tour of the Los Angeles campus and also had their very own hands-on experience with the latest Google Glass, which is technologic eyewear that can do everything that a smartphone and a computer can do, maybe even more.

“The field trip was really great” said Cathedral City High’s math teacher and Robotics adviser, Yu Lin Liu. “The only bad thing was the traffic coming home. It took us 4 hours to come back.”

The trip was a great way for students to end the year and to see how the skills they learn in class are used in the real world.

Good Bye Throwback Thursday

By Santina Ristaino, Viviana Arreola, and Alberto Colin

As high school is about to begin for some, it is coming to an end for us seniors. It has not been an easy ride, but we managed to get through it. We have made some amazing memories along the way, some good and some bad. Although we might not have made the best decisions through out the years, it has made us who we are today. As we are down to our last week of high school now comes our final throwback thursday and it goes out to the class of 2014.

We just wanted to say thank you for letting us be a part of the CCNews app. As a team, Viviana, Alberto, and I really enjoyed writing different stories and researching information. We hope this segment continues next year with new staff, but until then, have a fun and safe summer.

Golden Lion Awards Night

By Bernadette Fuentez

On Thursday May 22, 2014 over 100 students received recognition from academic departments and specialized programs at the Golden Lion Awards Night. Students were acknowledged for their academic excellence and dedication to their education.

Golden Lions are awarded through faculty votes. Staff members vote for students who they feel exemplify the qualities deserving of a Golden Lion.

Many students earn certificates and recognition, but only one student is awarded the coveted Golden Lion award, the highest honor given at CCHS. This year, DATA and ASB student Sara Lopez’s outstanding leadership skills, academic performance, and school/community involvement earned her the award.

Congratulations to Sara and everyone who earned recognition at the Golden Lions Awards night.


MW2 Dodgeball at Cathedral City High School

By Lorenzo Peña

Photo by Gerardo Islas

Photo by Gerardo Islas

On Friday, May 9th the Cathedral City High School football team hosted its 2nd Annual Modern Warfare Dodgeball Tournament. The tournament was open to all teams that had at least 8 players ($5 per player) , no more than 11 players per team, and players being at least 14 years of age.

There were plenty of food and drinks for sale and a raffle. There was a big turnout of teams and fans who only had to pay a $2 entrance fee, which went to support the football team. Even local radio station U92.7 came to give shout outs and promote the tournament.

The tournament began at 6 p.m. It was a bracket style tournament with double elimination for all teams. There were a wide variety of teams, from young students to older friends who came down from over all over the state. At the end of the day D.O.B. reclaimed their title as champions.

1st Annual DS Fest: DATA Digital Storytelling Film Festival

By Chris Gutierrez

DS Fest SmallThe Digital Arts Technology Academy will be holding it’s first student film festival as a way to celebrate work created by DATA Digital Storytelling students.

The Digital Storytelling Film Festival will showcase students’ short films, along with highlights from the freshmen and sophomore classes.

The event will take place May 29th from 5pm-7pm, in room 706 at Cathedral City High School. The film festival will consist of narratives, documentaries, and animations. This is a casual, informal event with the goal of celebrating student work and allowing seniors to be a part of the DATA family one last time before graduation.

DATA Wins Big at Digicom 2014

By Chris Gutierrez

Cathedral City High School’s Digital Arts Technology Academy excelled at this year’s Digicom Student Film Festival, bringing home more than $18,000 worth of scholarships, grants, and awards. The film festival consisted of student films created throughout the Palm Springs Unified School District. The event took place at the Palm Springs High School auditorium on May 6th. Other schools from the district attended the event, including elementary schools and middle schools.

CCHS DATA students produced short films based on a different variety of categories, from documentaries and animations to short films and innovative collaborations. In all, 18 films from DATA Digital Storytelling were featured in Digicom.

Many of the student films were from DATA’s 10th grade media literacy class, where Digicom’s own David Vogel spent several months of his time to help develop the sophomores’ autobiographical films. Vogel helped prepare, develop, and polish the videos.

Junior Donielle Gerrell was among the many recognized for her films at this years Digicom. “It was a huge honor to be on stage as a junior,” said Gerrell. “To be recognized and have the opportunity to represent the Digital Arts Technology Academy was truly a great honor.”

Gerrell had two of her films featured at Digicom, one of which was also submitted to Time Warner’s Best Mom contest. “One of my two videos was the Time Warner’s Best Mom contest the other was ‘Technology in Education,’ which I received a glass star on stage in front of the entire audience,” said Gerrell.

The following DATA students received scholarships from Digicom:
Jarelle Balanzat (UCLA): $2500
Sara Lopez (UCB): $2500
Melissa Medina (UCSB): $2500
Clarissa Cisneros (CSUDH): $1500
Genevieve Knight (CSUSB): $1000
Gabrielle Knight (CSUSB): $1000