Fashion Tips For The Clueless

By Courtney Stump

Every year a surge of new fashion hits retail stores. Last year it was leather jackets and crazy prints. This week’s fashion must-have is the waterfall skirt. This is a skirt that is short in the front and increases in length in the back. Many favor these skirts because they are super comfortable while still being cute and figure flattering. “I like that these skirts are comfortable, and give you freedom as you walk,” said Karolina Ruiz.  These skirts are available at a variety of stores, ranging from Forever 21 to Urban Outfitters.

Do. Photo by Austin Veal.

A major fashion don’t is saggy pants. First of all, it’s gross.Second of all, sorry boys, but no one wants to see your butt hanging out. Third of all, it’s not attractive. When wearing loose jeans, please use a belt.






Don't. Photo by Courtney Stump.