DATA Students Have Rich Experience At UC Riverside

By Natalie Navarro 

A robot performing tai chi, a discussion about the glorification of war in video games as well as Chicano students talking about their paths to UC Riverside were all part of a Wednesday tour of the university.

Photo Austin Veal.

The day was facilitated by UCR’s Toni Lawrence. Fifty-eight Digital Arts Technology Academy students from Cathedral City High School participated in the tour.

Derrik Burrill, Associate Professor in Media and Cultural Studies, showed two student videos and explained how they related to youth and modern society. The first was a showcase of editing and filming techniques. The second emphasized video games and the impact they have on young people and the glorification of war.

Tamar Shinar, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, explained the role of algorithms in special effects, the all-important F=ma formula (force equals mass times acceleration, Newton’s second law), and then had her robot perform some tai chi.

Greg Wontorek, admissions advisor, explained the application process and the pros of going to a campus as great as URC.

DATA students heard from five representatives of the Chicano Student Organization who discussed their experience at UCR and the feeling of family they get while on the University of California’s most diverse campus.

Photo Austin Veal.