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Difference Between A Macbook And A Normal Laptop

A laptop is considered very important in each person’s life as it plays a major role in this generation. Having a smartphone is not only enough for enjoying many applications and software. There are various apps and software which cannot be installed or used in an android phone but it can be easily used and enjoyed in a laptop. But the major problem faced by the laptop is nothing but its heavy weight and bigger size. There are numerous laptop brands ranking worldwide but as you know Apple is outranking all other brands out there with their amazing tech innovations.


Now, here comes a relief from carrying the heavy laptop to longer distance as MacBook has arrived to remove you from various difficulties. Although both of them has the same outlook, still there is the various difference between each other which differentiate each of them. In this article, we would discuss the difference between a MacBook and a normal laptop. You can check out roundup by Techlogitic and choose your laptop carefully.

  • Security

We all are aware of the hackers and different hacking peoples who capture our official details without even our concern. In this hacker’s world, most of the laptop faces hacking which is unsafe for most of the users. In this factor, MacBook owns a safer position. Till now there is not a single case or comment that MacBook is unsafe. It helps to save all information and keep every official thing confidential a person using MacBook can be stressed free regarding the security and safety.

  • Inbuilt software

There are apps and software present in a laptop but most of them are just for the commercial purpose. Some of the applications and software can be downloaded for free while others need to be paid for its service. But the negative factor of the laptop is that you need to install the software which you need as there are no inbuilt softwares like MacBook provides. If you have ever looked into a MacBook, you would realize that there is no need to install or download any app as there are various inbuilt software which can be used comfortably. Apps like photos, iMovie, GarageBand, pages, numbers, facetime, iTunes, maps, etc. are present in the MacBook at the point you are purchasing. With the help of this apps, you can edit, create movies, music, and videos, etc. which attracts the users to own it. If you wish to have another app which is not present in the MacBook then you can also install it from mac app store easily.

  • User satisfaction

As most of the people prefer to have this brand is because it has best user satisfaction. There are also various other best laptop brands which provide best user satisfaction. The main reason to have the laptop or a MacBook is to satisfy our needs and if those needs are not satisfied then what is the use of having it. Excellent battery life, portable size, best touchpads and keyboards, good display screen are some of the factors which provide a user satisfaction. This all factors are provided by the MacBook and also by some best laptop brands for various types of laptops.

  • Customer service

As mentioned earlier, the reason to have a MacBook or a laptop is that it can fulfill various needs of the user. There are various customer service centers of best laptop brands which helps you to solve all your problems and also repair your laptop. A similar thing goes with MacBook. But the negative factor of the both devices is nothing but the cost of service for laptop and MacBook is high due to which both users need to handle it carefully.

  • Best screen

The screen of the laptop differs upon its type. Some are designed with high resolution whereas some have normal screens. For instance, most of the gaming laptops have high-resolution screens which help the gamer to play games effectively. The screens of the MacBook is comparatively best as it also provides retina screens which help to give a user-friendly screen to the user. As compared to retina screens of the MacBook, any type of laptop does not contain this feature.

  • Price

As MacBook provides various benefits and features, naturally the cost of it also increases. Compared to a standard laptop, the cost of the MacBook is high and expensive. The price of the laptop differs from the types and also upon the best laptop brands…