About Us

Hi and thanks for checking out DigitalNatives.net. As a Digital Native yourself, or parent or teacher of a Digital Native, you know it’s a group that’s Born to be Wired! It’s in the blood!

The latest posts from CCNews (Cathedral City High School), Blackhawk News (La Quinta High School) and The Spear (Palm Desert High School) are below. Check out each site to see what news and events your classmates are covering from your school and your community. It’s also a great way to keep track of school calendars so you know which days you can sleep in! And how many days you have to prep for the big events like Homecoming and Prom! And to see what kids at other schools are up to.

Digital Natives be sure to download your school’s app below from either the Apple or Android Markets and be connected thru your mobile phone 24/7. Never get another date wrong for a big event or miss out on what your friends are writing about your school. It’s all right here!