Month: February 2015

Dispatch From Mexico: Charco De Pantoja in Valle De Santiago, Guanajuato

 Dateline: Charco De Pantoja in Valle De Santiago, Guanajuato.

Most people take what they have for granted. They’ve never seen how “the other half lives,” claiming that hard work is sitting in an office for eight hours a day. Others, in  countries such as Mexico, hundreds of people work under the blistering sun for about a quarter of what the average American makes in a day.

And yet, you still have millions of people complaining about their work when they don’t truly know what hard work is. If it wasn’t for these field laborers putting their life into growing these crops, you and I would not have our fruits and vegetables on our tables when these families can barely put them on their own table. It may not be a lavish lifestyle that many people wish to have, but I can guarantee that these people are happier than most. Seeing hard work pay off has to be on of the most rewarding feelings ever.

As I sat I looked out onto the leafy greens of my uncles farm, I thought to myself, “I wonder if people realize the hard work that is put into this land every day?” My family dedicated themselves to keeping this land as green as possible and make sure nothing goes to waste.

Since I was little, my uncle always told me that life here in Mexico is a whole different world to him than it is in the U.S. When he was younger, he went to the U.S. to work. He worked in the sun, on golf courses, doing jobs that most people would never do. My father used to tell me that if it wasn’t for people like him and my uncle, those jobs would never be done.